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Payment Options:*

  • In Network Insurance: Medicare B, All BCBS: (Anthem, Highmark BS, Capital BC, Pennsylvania BCBS, BCBS Federal Employee Program, etc.) 

  • Out of Network SUPERBILL:  Insurance not listed above? We now provide the superbill. A rapidly growing, popular option for clients who want our services.  Self-pay up front and you will be provided a "superbill"  to submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement. Check with your insurance to see if this is covered. Payment due at time of service.

  • Private Self-Pay/Cash Concierge:To ensure that all individuals have access to quality physical therapy care, an affordable flat rate per visit is offered to patients without insurance, out-of-network insurance,  or who simply elect not to use their insurance. This self-pay rate is often lower than your insurance rates especially if you have a high deductible that you don't anticipate meeting this year.  Payment due at time of service.

  • Wellness Concierge Services: When insurance coverage has ended, but you wish to continue indefinitely with our services as needed.  Perfect for any potential client who desires expert exercise instruction on your terms without the hassle of doctor referrals, follow-ups, or insurance restrictions.  Payment due at time of service.

Accepted methods of payment: 

  • cash 

  • check

  • HSA/FSA cards

  • credit cards 

  • debit cards 


*​For questions on self-pay rates or what option may work best for you, please reach out 814.314.8880 or


No Surpises Act

In compliance with the No Surprises Act, Core Physio LLC will provide patients who do not have insurance or patients who choose not to use insurance an estimate of physical therapy services for their condition. 


  •  The initial estimate will be for the cost of the first visit, which will be for the evaluation. This estimate will be provided to you at least one (1) business day prior to the evaluation or prior to scheduling if you prefer.


  • Before commencing treatment, a second estimate will be provided to you based on the established Plan of Care. If your Plan of Care needs modification during the episode of care because of your therapy needs, a new condition, or per your request, you will be informed and provided with a new estimate, and you will have the option to continue or cease treatments.


  • If you receive a bill that is $400 or more than the “Good Faith Estimate,” you can dispute the bill utilizing the Patient-Provider Dispute Resolution Process. The dispute resolution entities (SDR) are certified and selected by Health & Human Services (HHS). You must submit a dispute notice, the provider’s bill, and the “Good Faith Estimate” to HHS within 120 days of receiving the final bill from our practice. HHS will collect a $50 fee with your dispute resolution application.


Please retain a copy of your “Good Faith Estimate” (GFE) quote.

For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, visit

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