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Helpful Information


We will need to bring:

  • list of medications

  • insurance card

  • drivers license or other government issued identification

  • pertinent imaging and/or reports

  • referral from your physician*

*You can be seen Direct Access for 30 days without a referral.

Mobile PT*:  Currently unavailable

We will require adequate parking and access to serve you. Out of respect for your therapist please limit the number of people in the treatment area, provide enough space for a 30 x 73 inch table and enough space to move about.  If weather and outdoor space permits, we can also enjoy your session with therapeutic mother nature!

*Our therapists reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the appointment if the environment is deemed unsafe or nonconducive to therapy or there is inadequate access or parking.


Sports bra, racerback tank top, leggings or shorts are necessary for an accurate picture and assessment of postural alignment and movement patterns.  Obviously bring layers for comfort and remember its a judgement-free zone!

If you are male, you will be asked to remove your shirt.


The initial evaluation is approximately  90 minutes and will consist of questions about your conditions, past medical history, listening to your concerns, and performing a few easy physical tests including postural alignment assessment, and movement assessment.   Ultimately we will make a custom plan together, that is based on your own goals for physical therapy.

Treatment may or may not begin on the first visit depending on the complexity of your condition.

Subsequent treatment or 'follow-up' visits are 55 minutes.

Photos for postural assessment or video for movement assessment may be required with your permission.  These will only be seen or utilized by you and the therapist.


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