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Do Toe Spacers Really Work?

  • When you look at your toes, are they all squished together? Maybe a couple are crossed for good luck?

  • Is it difficult to spread them apart (without using your fingers)?

  • Is your big toe starting to lean towards the second toe with a ‘bump’ forming on the side of it?

  • Are your little toes so scrunched, you can barely see your pinky toenail?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are not alone, but it is not ok.

Poor footwear (or most footwear, in general, and even socks) can take its toll over time: tired, achey feet; plantar fasciitis, neuromas, hammer toes, sesamoiditis, falling arches, bunions, just to name a few.

Your foot and toes need space and motion to do their job. Scrunched up toes and feet do not allow for optimal function of the joints, arches, and muscles of the foot. Suboptimal conditions can lead to issues up the chain affecting the ankle, knee, hip, and spine.

One of the simplest and most effective things I have found to start with are silicone toe spacers. You need something to counteract being in your socks and shoes.

Start with 20-30 minutes first while just sitting, and then try wearing them around the house in your bare feet. They say you can wear them in your shoes, but work on the range of motion and strength at home and just start wearing shoes with a wider toe box.

Over the next few blog posts, I will start you down the path to happy feet, so that your feet can continue to carry you down many a happy path.

If you’d like to have an evaluation and a more individualized plan for your feet, call 814.314.8880.

Our Recommendations:

Relax Tony were about $10, but the price has jumped a little. (pictured)

Correct Toes are a bit more pricey, but come in sizes.


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