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What's the Best Pillow?

"What pillow should I use?" This FAQ from my clients is inevitably met with my unsatisfying, but honest, answer "It depends." But it really does! It depends on your sleeping position, it depends on your neck length/girth, on your shoulder girth, on your head size and weight, etc.

Moreover, what you loved last night, mmmm, you might not tonight, or vice versa.

I have been in pursuit of the ever elusive perfect pillow my entire adult life, until I finally found a couple down alternative pillows at Home Goods a few years ago...I bought 2, and of course, now that they are ready to be replaced, I cannot find them.

I am normally extremely hesitant to recommend things like this, because it is soooo subjective. Butttttt (drum roll), I may have finally found THE PILLOW and it is only $9.99, so it is a low risk recommendation.

I have recommended it to my most "pillow particular" clients and they also love it.

One of my clients says it is the first time she has slept through the night on a consistent basis without her arms going numb. (Although, it might also be the physical therapy. LOL)

Below I have reviewed the last 3 pillow purchases I have made. They conveniently list in order from most expensive to least addition to good, better, best!

This seemed to be the 'It' pillow a couple of years ago? It came in a fun, unconventional yet completely unecessary cardboard capsule. It's a good looking pillow and the fabric was yummy, silky, plush, and great for hugging (see above). I myself found it a little too much fluff and not moldable enough for my neck. It has improved with time, but it's kinda just on the bed for looks.

A few weeks ago, I went home to visit my family and I realized I forgot THE PILLOW. (mild panic onset). Knowing that my Dad only has old foam pillows, I stopped at Target, but THE PILLOW was sold out! (deep calming breaths). After several minutes of squishing pillows, I settled on the Casaluna Medium Down Pillow, because it felt the closest to what I thought would be comfortable.

It's definitely a contender and was great in a pinch, but again, it wasn't quite as moldable as I like, and I didn't sleep like I do with THE PILLOW. My neck and shoulders could've been achey from hoarding my super cute 9 month old niece, but I think it was missing THE PILLOW. It is currently in the guest room, since it is a great middle of the road pillow worthy of a posh Hilton hotel.

3. Aller Ease Down Alternative Pillow from Target. (aka THE PILLOW)

"And this one was just right!" Meet THE PILLOW!

Full disclaimer, it might not be for everyone, but it is so versatile for a variety of sleeping positions and head/shoulder configurations that I have recommended it to several clients now, and they have also loved it. It is the perfect combination of density and squishability for me, and while I cannot speak to the anti-allergy effects, I also love that it is machine washable.

If I am sleeping on my back, I like to squish mine up to fit the contour of my neck. If I am on my side, I will either squash one up, or have two, to make up for the width of my shoulders. I also have a tendency to roll to my stomach, so the pillow can also compress down enough to be comfortable in that position too!

It has sold out a few times, so we can't be the only ones! And at $9.99, it is worth the try if you too are in the hunt for a good pillow. My last recommendation: Buy 2 in case your significant other steals yours.

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