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Happy Feet

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

We are hard on our feet. We cram our poor, defenseless, little toes in shoes (and socks) that are usually poorly designed for our feet resulting in pain, weakness, stiffness, and even deformity like bunions and hammer toes. (And if you think proper shoes aren't important and need some convincing, you have never seen the pictures of feet after the antiquated Chinese tradition of foot binding. )

Now, while our feet generally stop 'growing' in our 20's, changes over time such as, ahem, weight gain, poor footwear, loss of strength, and loss of mobility can contribute to the widening, lengthening and even flattening of the foot. There are 26 bones and 33 joints in the foot, including the most magnificent natural wonder of biomechanic architecture, the physiological piece de resistance, the arch of your foot.

Keep an eye out for future posts on tips how to increase mobility and strength in your foot, what type of shoe is best, and the importance of a healthy foot to other areas like the knee, hip, back, and pelvic floor!


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