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Mobile PT vs Home Health PT

As Mobile PT has become a sought after service, particularly during this pandemic, I am often asked what the difference between this and Home Health PT.

While both are in-home services, Home Health Physical Therapy (HHPT) is for truly homebound clients afer a debilitating surgery or illness, and is covered by Medicare A. It is usually provided concurrently with home health nursing care. The goal is to improve your safety and independence, so that you may go to out-patient PT.

According to Medicare guidelines, "To be considered homebound, the patient must demonstrate a taxing effort to leave home unassisted and consequently, leaving home unassisted is unsafe for the patient."

Mobile PT is "out-patient PT" provided "in the home" under Medicare B and most other commercial insurances*. (*Check your health insurance benefits to see if Mobile PT is covered on your health plan.)

Mobile PT is particularly convenient for same day orthopedic surgical procedures like total knee replacement or ACL repair, and, even more, for people suffering from balance difficulties, falls risk, or dizziness. It removes the hassle of transportation and affords you a more personlized, one-on-one experience. You won't be sharing the attention of your therapist with another client at home! It also lets us to see your home and any struggles you may have, allowing us to make modifications and recommendations.

If you think this is something you might be interested in this service, give us a call!

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