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Best Physical Therapy Tables for Home Use

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Having your own therapy table can be a great adjunct to your exercise program, particularly if you are currently having difficulty getting down to the floor, your own bed is too squishy, or maybe have a pet who thinks lying on the ground is their cue for cuddle time. (I won't mention any names, Maisy.)

I have had a few clients 'wish' out loud that they had my treatment table to do their exercises on. While I splurged for a high quality professional model, there are actually tables out there that are more affordable than you think.

Some things to consider when purchasing a table besides price:

  • table weight

  • weight capacity (your weight)

  • width/height/length (and the space you have for it)

  • adjustable features (like face cradle, adjustable leg height, elevating back rest)

Here are a few higher ranked portable/foldable options on Amazon to peruse:

Least Expensive: 73 inch Portable Folding Massage Table with Face Cradle

(comes in several colors)

click on image below to view

For Taller Clients: 84 inch Portable Folding Massage Table with Elevating Backrest

(comes in several colors)

click on image below to view

The Splurge: Made in USA, Oakworks Massage Table (550lb weight capacity)

click on image below to view

Sustainable: Earthlite

click image below to view

For a fun Pop of Color:

click image below

Other recommended brands with great reviews:


click on image below


click image below

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