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Snapping and Crackling and Popping, Oh My!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Oh, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about these things.....$$$....

What is my answer when people ask what those sounds mean? "If you are popping, grinding, snapping, and cracking, it means your joints are still moving! Hurray!"

When should you be a little concerned? If there is sharp pain with movement and/or the joint locks up on you; then I would seek professional guidance.

How about if there is disfigurement of the joint or a large bump? Although this is not always a cause for great concern, again if there is pain or restricted movement, perhaps.

But are you still functional? Can you do everything you did before, or still want to do with little to no pain? Little to no movement restriction? Maybe you just need a little physical therapy to sort out some muscle imbalances and get those joints moving again.

Now I would also say, maybe your joints are talking to you and what they are saying is that they want some exercise, but I am a physical therapist, so of course that is what I'd say. But seriously, noisy joints usually want attention and they get that attention they want in the form of exercise and your body's own natural WD-40....synovial fluid.

I've said it once and I'll say it again...the human body is knows to lay down more bone, by loading the bone a bit with walking, running, jumping, and weight training; it knows to build up more muscle and stability to the joints when you strengthen; and it knows to produce a bit more of that joint fluid when you move more. Give those squeaky wheels some grease and get moving!

Aren't sure? Don't know where to start? Call Core Physio LLC at 814.314.8880 for a free 15min consultation!

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