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Test Your Calf Strength

Strong healthy calves not only look good, but they propel us walking, climbing stairs, and hills, and absorb load and impact with running, hopping, and jumping. Healthy calf muscles can help prevent sprains, stress fractures, shin splints, patellofemoral pain, and other tendinopathies.

To test your strength, touch the wall or counter lightly for balance. Imagine a straight line going through your lower leg to the toes and this is your line of push to keep even distribution through the foot. (Don't put all of the weight through the big toe!). Rise up as high as you can and keep this height through all of your reps. No cheating.

Perform at a rate of 1 sec up and 1 sec down.

How many can you do?

(P.S. You competitive types, don't give yourself a cramp!)

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