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The Lost Art of Breathing

Breathing. We've done it since the day we were born. We do it at least 25,0000 times a day. It seems automatic. Is it possible we are doing it wrong? Can we do it better? Yes and yes.

The breath is intimately linked to our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which controls whether our bodies are stimulated to hype into 'fight or flight' or relax into 'rest and digest'. Why is this important? Poor breathing can keep us locked in a cycle 'fight of flight' and in a bad cycle of anxiety, muscle tension, poor concentration, poor performance, poor sleep, and heightened pain sensitivity. And all of this, in turn, keeps us in a poor breathing pattern!

Ancient cultures including Buddists and Native Americans recognized and appreciated the benefits of correct breathing techniques and the power it has on the rest of the body and the mind. Scientists are just now recognizing it's importance again.

At Core Physio we operate on the strong belief in this power and how it can benefit your rehab and your life. Come feel the impact it can have on core stability including the abdominal wall and pelvic floor, as well as other things like pain, tension, sleep, and anxiety.

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